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Help wanted

Like some of you have realized i am kind of without free time at this point due my master so i would like to ask to anyone that reads this blog. If someone would like to write in this blog so more problems are added here, leave me a message or send me an email.

The only thing need it is that you know English and are willing to share with others ūüėÄ


The pros about ACM !

I was able to participate just once in this contest, BUT, all the good things that i have been able to go through after that are just great, i mean, sometimes we just see it as a extracurricular contest, and in some way it is, but the knowledge that we gain after participating or while coaching (like me after graduating) stays with us, and it can help us in a future.

For example, im doing an Advance Master in Artificial Intelligence in Belgium and most people say that the exams are pretty difficult here and that is completely difficult to just even finishing answering all the problems (regarding programing courses) and i just had my first PROLOG exam las friday and compared to an ACM problem that was piece of cake, the 3 problems i need it to solve where way easier than solving challenging problems in ACM.

So the BIG pros we get after learning what we learn in this extracurricular contest in KNOWLEDGE and an OPEN MIND to be able to think out of the box, and that is translated into VERY GOOD JOB OFFERS and ACADEMIC OPPORTUNITIES  so my message to all of you is, enjoy the time you have to participate and prepare the most you can, and you will never regretted even if you dont win. 

Winners of the september contest at fcfm

First place: BLU TEAM 5 problems solved

Second place: /dev/null 4 problems solved

Third place: NibbleSoft 2 problems solved

Advanced training course at FCFM

Good news everyone finally we get a lab for the “advanced training course”.

Every Thursday (Jueves) from 3 pm to 6 pm. In the CISCO Lab in the CSI building (1 floor).

This week Maximum Sum.

Acm course at fcfm

Just to remind you that the advance class was change it to Thursday (JUEVES) from 3pm to 6pm. And the begginers class is saturday (SABADO) from 9am to 12pm.

727 – Equation

Problem description , input and output:

In this problem we need to change an infix expression to a posfix expresion, the key words are IN and POS.

INfix means that the operator is between the two “numbers”

POSfix means that the operator is after the two “numbers”

Theres plenty of ways to do this, most of them use stacks but there are other ways using arrays to store the things inside the parenthesis either way you do it there just like three diferent cases:

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11385 – Da Vinci Code

Problem description, input and output:


In this problem there is some things we can assume with the problem description:

1. The maximun Fibonacci number we need to calculate is the 45th number.

2. The maximun length of the cypher text is 100 characters(not all of them uppercase letters)

3. All of the input numbers are fibonacci (no need to validate them).

4. The maximun output string would be 45 cause there isn’t trailing spaces.

5. You need to check only X amount of numbers where X is the amount of uppercase letters in the cypher text.

6. The output string must be filled with spaces before we add the letters to it.

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781 – Optimisation (draft)

Problem Description, Input and Output:

Ok, this is one of the problems that just a few people have solved, and my intension is not to raise that number, is more like to explain how can it be solved and show a path and with that all of you are going to be able to solve it by yourselves.

Well, with all the restrictions and things described in the description of the problem we can assume a lot of things, and that make this problem easier to solve, actually theres just 1 case that is the hardest to solve, the rest is easy.

One way of solving this problem (the one i took) would be considering the graph as a hierarchical tree, each child has one more grade than the father (father => grade 1 ; son => grade 2). and that make it easier to verify the restrictions.

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10137 – The Trip

Problem Description, Input and Output:


This one is not too difficult you need to calculate the sum of the cost above the average price and also the sum of the costs below the average. The number you print is the higher of the two.

like you need to use double data type to use the decimal part of the numbers but you only need 2 digits after the decimal point you need to “round” the number, you can do it this way:

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11900 – Boiled Eggs

Problem description, Inputs and Outputs:

This one is¬†so¬†easy, first of all when i first read the description very quick i thought it was like a knapsack problem, but then i read it again and realize that you only need the weights in¬†increasing¬†order and try to grab as many eggs as¬†possible, and then i realize that it says that they already give you the numbers in NON-DECREASING order (that is just another way to say they are in¬†INCREASING¬†order :D) so you don’t have to even worry about using qsort or something similar, you just grab the numbers and start putting eggs into your bowl until one of three situation occur:

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